“The other day I got pulled over by a highway patrol trooper.  He gave me a hard time about having so many tickets and told me I should get them expunged so the next trooper wouldn’t arrest me.  After that close call, now I realize the importance of expungements and will definitely start the process now.”    –Natalie T., Salt Lake City

“Once you really need an expungement, it will be too late.  One day I was in court and I over heard a criminal defendant asking the prosecutor to cut him a break and not send him to jail.  The prosecutor said ‘well, I can see your prior convictions here.  If you would have expunged these I would have given you a better deal, but because I can see them, I can’t give you a better deal.’  That guy went to jail because he didn’t start an expungement when he was eligible. Always remove criminal convictions from your record when you can.”   –Matthew Kober, Expungement Attorney.

“I have multiple charges on my record, one of which is a sexual battery charge.  Every employer that sees this charge on a background check will not hire me.  The problem is that now I cannot get an expungement because I have too many charges, which makes me ineligible. This will haunt me the rest of my life.  It is important to expunge your record as soon as you can before its too late.”   –Anonymous client, Salt Lake City