Expungement FAQs

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding expungements. Click on the “+” symbol to see the answer to each question.  If you have any additional questions or would like to get started, call 1-855-EXPUNGE today to speak with Utah Expungement Attorney Matthew Kober for free.

How do I clean up my criminal or court record? +
What is an expungement? +
How do I get an expungement? +
What are some of the factors used in determining eligibility for expungement? +
How do I know if I am 'Eligible' for an expungement? +
What offenses are not eligible for expungement? +
Can I expunge my juvenile record? +
Are federal convictions and federal crimes eligible for expungement? +
Is an expungement the same as a pardon? +
What is the process for getting an expungement? +
How long does the expungement process take? +
Do I have to go to court? +
Does an expungement also clear my drivers license or DMV record? +
What can I do if I am not eligible? +
What if I have multiple charges in one case? +
What if I have multiple cases or multiple arrests? +
What if I don’t remember what charges or arrests I have? +
Does it matter if I pled guilty or no contest? +
What is the difference between a dismissal 'With Prejudice' of 'Without Prejudice'? +
What is a Plea in Abeyance? +
Can I have a Plea in Abeyance expunged? +
If I went to traffic school, can I have that expunged? +
Can I expunge a DUI? +
What if I am still on probation? +
What can I do if my application was denied? +
What do I do if it has been more than 30 days from the time of a denial? +
Once an expungement is completed, do I have to disclose the arrest or charge to on an employment or licensure application? +
Will an expungement restore my guns rights? +
Does an expungement help with immigration? +
Who can see expunged records afterwards? +
Will an expunged record show up on a background check? +
Must I continue to register as a sex offender if I get an expungment? +
Will an expungement help me visit Canada? +
Can I vote again after an expungement? +
Can I serve on a jury after an expungment? +
Is there any guarantee that I will get an expungement? +
How much does an expungement cost? +
Do you have payment plans? +
Do you accept credit cards? +
Do I need an attorney? +
How do I get started? +